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Timeslip Database
# Username Ride RWHP / TQ 60' 1/8 Mile ET & MPH [1/4 Mile ET & MPH] Induction Details Slip
1 Lil' Demon 1971 Demon 767 / 1.344 5.979@115.39 9.384@143.89 N/A Details
2 Old Hippie Big Red Ram - 65 Coronet 999 / 700 1.374 6.045@116.16 9.410@146.64 N/A Details
3 ozymaxwedge 63 plymouth 750 / 1.370 6.074 9.590@139 Nitrous Details
4 TrannyMan MarkIV Mayhem 67 Chevelle 680 / 1.470 6.354@109.37 9.980@134.67 N/A Details
5 dragracerx1 70 Duster / 1.449 6.475@105.89 10.212@129.96 N/A Details
6 TTracing 69 Dart / 1.389 6.464@105.17 10.234@129.44 N/A Details
7 BigInchMopars 1969 Roadrunner 550 / 500 1.690 7.120@99 11.130@125 N/A Details
8 77 dragracer 77 Aspen R/T / 1.520 7.303@92.93 11.530@116.32 N/A Details
9 ShelbyGLHS592 1985 Shelby Charger / 12.538@111.71 Turbo Details
10 Jim13 75 Dart 320 / 1.790 8.140@83.4 12.950@104 N/A Details
11 Jon Wilson 1971 Charger / 13.440@99.50 N/A Details
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