XtraStyle Membership

Are you willing to keep this site full featured and free for those who can't afford to help?

Membership in MoPower Style's Forum, photo albums, and Free Classified Ads site is required to post, however that is absolutely free for all Mopar enthusiasts. We welcome all men and women members regardless of race, religion, what they drive, or their economic status. Heck we even welcome Ford and Chevy people!

Many boards exist by either requiring a fee to become a member (eliminating many potential members who are not able to afford the fee) or they ask for voluntary donations -- but do not give recognition to those who have donated. Few have the features (Forums, Chat Room, Free Classifieds, Photo Albums, Information Sites, etc.) or near the expenses we have at MoparStyle.

The MoPower Style method does not require a fee, but will give special perks to those willing to help with XtraStyle membership.

XtraStyle members have a few Xtra benefits over the regular membership, they include:

  • Access to XtraStyle off-topic Forums

  • Increase Photo Uploading on the Photo Albums

  • Increased number of Free Classifieds and options

  • Occasional Give-a-ways

  • The right to display the XtraStyle banners in their signature

  • Satisfaction of knowing they helped

  • Lifetime and Platinum members are directors with a special forum where their opinions on running MoPower Style is solicited -- and they are the pool from which Moderators are selected

If you would like to become an XtraStyle member then please click here and select the proper subscription. All members have the basic abilities to post to the forum, upload photos, place a Free Classified ad, change their viewing styles, signatures, and voting in the polls. These are items many forums won't give you. However, we really try to take care of our XtraStyle members. The below is a chart that explains the Xtra Features.






Super Lifer

Portal / General

Free Blog No No Yes Yes
Can Submit Web Site to Top List No Yes Yes Yes
Can Use Chat Room Yes Yes Yes Yes
Free MoPower Style Toolbar Yes Yes Yes Yes


Can Start New Thread Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can edit own Posts Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Delete own Thread/Posts No No Yes Yes
Can Start own Poll No Yes Yes Yes
Can Vote in Poll Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Download Attachments No Yes Yes Yes
Can Set Invisible Mode No No Yes Yes
Can See those others Invisible No No Yes Yes
Can Search Forums Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Rate Threads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Stored PMs 10 15 25 50
Can View/Post to Calendar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can View Who's On Line No Yes Yes Yes
Custom Title No Yes Yes Yes
Profile Photo Max Size 100X100 100X100 150X150 150X150
Can Upload own Avatar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Max Avatar Size 80X80 100X100 110X110 120X120
Animated Avatars No No Yes Yes
Images in Signature No Yes Yes Yes
Animated GIFs in Signature No No Yes Yes
Characters allowed in Signature -- incl. BB Code 200 250 300 350
See who left User Ratings No No Yes Yes
Access to XtraStyle Forums No Yes Yes Yes
Can use all Viewing Skins Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Give and Receive Reputation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can Opt Out of giving and receiving Reputation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Can eMail other Members No Yes Yes Yes

Free Classifieds

Number of Ads 2 5 10 20
Highlite No Yes Yes Yes
Bold No Yes Yes Yes
Italics No Yes Yes Yes
Max Number of photos 6 6 6 6
Size in KB per Uploaded Photos 50 75 100 100

Photo Albums

Total album space 5MB 10MB 15MB 20MB
Max file size per image/Video 3.5MB 3.5MB 3.5MB 3.5MB
Max uploads per day 10 20 30 40
Upload Racing Videos Yes Yes Yes Yes
Upload to appropriate Public albums Yes Yes Yes Yes
Access to Private XtraStyle Album No Yes Yes Yes
Allowed a personal album No Yes Yes Yes


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